Benesta Acıbadem Sembolü

Benleo Park

Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Benleo Park Konsepti
Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Benleo Park Konsepti Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Benleo Park Konsepti

Everything started with a dream blended
with green, oxygen and soil…

What if the little ones had an unforgettable childhood, if the adults connected with their childhood at every opportunity, if it was green to the fullest, if our feet were on the ground, our happiness was in the sky, our joy was lost in the colors of the rainbow...

With your beach bag in one hand and your little one in the other, while you are passing through those lush dreams, on the one hand, you will put your feet in ice-cold water in the heat of summer, and on the holiday you miss by building castles on the sand; you will be living in green, nature and blue. On the other hand, among the trees and orchards, you will be able to taste the pleasure of eating freshly picked apples on a picnic mat with your family. Maybe you will start the energetic and energetic mornings where the fresh air wakes you up with your windows open in the morning by doing sports one step beyond your door, or maybe you will join the zip line fun with your children on those exciting playgrounds that you can no longer find in this city… You will touch the stars with your family on the sky hiking trails on a summer evening or… While you are writing your future for yourself and your children, the dream you have dreamed of is waiting for you in Benleo Park with all its reality.

Without wondering
what you have left behind,A life away from
the city in the city!

Get ready to live and let live those days when we slept without locking the door of our house, our child played safely without without worrying, and lived the happiness of being together! At Benesta Acıbadem, all details have been carefully considered for your safety. With its expertise and mission, the world-renowned architectural company WATG creates a route where they can confidently chart their future while taking part in the social and cultural events offered by Benleo.

Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Benleo Park Konsepti
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Benleo Park Vaziyet Planı
Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Merkez BENLEO HUB
Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Yeşil Alan FRUIT TREES
Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Tırmanma Duvarı PUMP TRACK
Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Köprü BRIDGE
Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Çocuk Havuzu KIDDIE POOL
Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Açık Havuz OUTDOOR POOL
Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Localar VITA PARKUR
Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Koşu Parkuru LOCALAR

Never Been Done Before

Experience the moments when you gather all the functions of Istanbul one step beyond your door, always with your family and your little one. The park carries the concepts of family, children, neighborly relations and the vision of an infrastructure that is enriched by the combination of old cultures that remain in the heart of İstanbul.

Being one of the rare green areas of the Anatolian Side, where you dream of yourself in this dream, it carries the splendor of centuries-old trees and the texture of the soil, promising a simple and peaceful life in nature as well as in the city.

Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Benleo Park Konsepti Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Benleo Park Konsepti

Welcome to New Beginings

By removing the borders between you and nature, we want you to enjoy Istanbul and nature to the fullest with your family in your warm home that you have always dreamed of. We wish you to take a step towards brand new happiness at Benesta Acıbadem, which will make your dreams come true with its social facilities, natural beauties and clean air, away from the stress of getting to work, where you can reach every moment of your life at once.

In this complete life form, where every detail of comfort, luxury and convenience is considered, many unforgettable moments and colorful memories await you.

Welcome to your new life.

Award Winner!

A world-class project is made possible by world-class awards.

We designed Benesta BenLeo Acıbadem to meet all your needs, offering all-inclusive luxury with its value-adding designs, unique concept and delicately combined architectural details.

We crowned Benesta BenLeo Acıbadem, which was awarded the "Five Star Project" award by the "European Property Awards", one of the world-renowned organizations, with our perfectionist approach that considers functional benefit.

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