Benesta Acıbadem Sembolü
Benesta Acıbadem Havuz Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Spor Salonu

Outdoor Pool

The pool, which provides fresh air and plenty of sunbathing, meeting the sky; It has been enriched with its design that supports your physical infrastructure, and a safe area has been created for swimmers by using high hygiene standards and filtration systems. At the same time, in the comfort of home, in the heart of the city.

Social Club

The fully equipped fitness and wellness center is designed in a bright and spacious architecture suitable for physical activities.

Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Spor Salonu

Peaceful Living Space

Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Doğal Yaşam
Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Spa Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Spa

Spa Rooms

Multifunctional; SPA, Sauna and Massage Saloons are designed in comfort where you can renew your physical and mental health and get away from the stress of the day.


Special connections are integrated within the project; An eye-catching lobby welcomes you with its high ceilings, width, elegant and minimal design that you encounter at the entrance.

Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Lobi Benesta Acıbadem Projesi Lobi